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Motivate 2 Unit 1 Film and TV Types YE1

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    Motivate 2 Unit 1 Film and TV YE1
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  • a lot of exciting things happen
    What is an ACTION movie?
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  • intentionally amusing in its characters or its action
    What is COMEDY?
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  • exciting story, often about solving a crime
    What is a THRILLER?
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  • is very different from real life, usually involving magic
    What is FANTASY?
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  • very frightening or unnatural things happen
    What is a HORROR movie?
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  • a play or film in which part of the story is sung to music
    What is a MUSICAL?
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  • naval, air, or land battles, with combat scenes
    What is a WAR movie?
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  • displays and explores exotic locations in an energetic way
    What is an ADVENTURE movie?
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  • an imagined future, especially about space travel or other planets
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  • a series of slightly different drawings of people and animals that make them appear to move
    What is an ANIMATED film?
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  • set in the American West
    What is a WESTERN movie?
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  • films that treat love, courtship, and marriage comically
    What is a ROMANTIC COMEDY?
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  • receives electrical signals and changes them into moving images and sound
    What is a TV?
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  • used to control a television
    What is a REMOTE CONTROL?
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  • system for playing sounds that uses three or more speakers
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