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present and future tenses
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    Put the verbs into the correct tense

      Ondřej Hofman
  • Look! They ______ to the teacher. (not/listen)
    Look! They aren´t listening to the teacher.

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  • How often ______ his grandma? (he/visit)
    How often does he visit his grandma?

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  • A: There´s no milk left in the fridge: B: Oh, I ______ some from the shop. (get)
    Oh, I will get some from the shop.

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  • A: What are your plans for the weekend? B: Brad Pitt phoned. We ______ on a picnic tomorrow. (go)
    Brad Pitt phoned. We are going to go on a picnic tomorrow.

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  • I think that people ______ on Mars in the future. (not/live)
    I think that people won´t live on Mars in the future.

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  • A: I can´t open this window. B: Ok, I ______ it for you. (open)
    Ok, I will open it for you.

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  • The glass is near the edge. It ______ . (fall)
    The glass is near the edge. I think it is going to fall.

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  • A: Hello Betty? Shall we go bowling today? B: OK, Dan. I _____ you there at 5pm. (meet)
    OK, Dan. I will meet you there at 5pm.

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  • She promised that she ______ anybody about yesterday. It´s a secret! (not/tell)
    She promised that she won´t tell anybody about yesterday.

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  • She _____ black and white horses. (love)
    She loves black and white horses.

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  • I _____ about my vacation. (think)
    I´m thinking about my vacation.

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  • Will she go to the cinema? (X)
    No, she won´t.

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  • Are they going to take the job. (✔)
    Yes, they are.

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  • Does she play the violin every day? (✔)
    Yes, she does.

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  • Are you listening to me? (X)
    No, I´m not.

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  • A: I have the wedding date!! B: Really? When ______ it? (you/do)
    When are you going to do it?

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