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Wish + Past Simple

  • I don't like my school
    I wish my school was better / I wish I liked my school...
  •  15
  • I didn't have money
    I wish I had money
  •  10
  • Those jeans are very uncomfortable
    I wish those jeans were comfortable
  •  10
  • He can't afford an expensive car
    He wishes he could afford an expensive car
  •  25
  • My mom doesn't have much free time
    I wish my mom had more time
  •  20
  • The weather is bad
    I wish the weather was better/good
  •  10
  • I can't speak Spanish
    I wish I could speak Spanish
  •  10
  • Carly's job is very boring
    Carly wishes her job wasn't so boring
  •  20
  • My boyfriend spends all his money
    I wish my boyfriend didn't spend all his money
  •  10
  • I have to clean my apartment tonight
    I wish I didn't have to clean my apartment tonight
  •  10