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IELTS Food (2)
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  • This expression means you shouldn't dwell on your misfortunes or things you can't change.
    Don't cry over spilt milk
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  • To appear very calm and composed.
    As cool as a cucumber
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  • When you talk about things you don't like
    Not my cup of tea
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  • When you are very careful about saying or doing something out of fear of upsetting someone
    Walking on eggshells
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  • When we aren't sure how truthful something is.
    Take something with a pinch of salt.
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  • Used to refer to an attitude in which someone adopts a negative attitude to something because they cannot have it themselves.
    Sour grapes
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  • When someone is acting very emotional and crazy we say: "They have...
    "They have gone bananas"
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  • When two people are very similar
    Two peas in a pod
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  • If there is a delicate issue that people can't agree on
    Hot potato
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  • Someone that's so picky about their food and is always complaining about it.
    A fussy eater
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  • (of a person or animal) suffer severely or die from hunger.
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