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    School subjects and things
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  • I have 2 hands. I have a face. My hands go round and round. I have the numbers 1 to 12, I am on the wall. Find me in the classroom.
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  • I have four legs. I’m made from a tree. You put your books on me. Find me in the classroom.
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  • I’m a yellow fellow . I can be red and blue I’m thin as thin can be. I color everything Find me in the classroom.
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  • I like all the numbers, I have plus and minus, What subject am I?
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  • I have got musical instruments and many songs. What subject am I?
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  • I say "Hello" and you say "Hi" I live in the US, in Britain, in Australia. What subject am I?
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  • She is clever and she is kind, She knows a lot, she helps a lot. Who is she?
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  • I am big and I know everything. You can find me in computer room. Who am I?
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  • You run and jump. You play football. What subject am I?
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  • I like colors, pencils and water. You can learn about me in the art room. What subject am I?
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  • I have got many classrooms, a computer room, a science room, a canteen and a sports field. What place am I ?
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