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Types of intelligence

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  • Naturalistic intelligence
    Related to the attraction towards environmental issues, plants and animals. People with this kind of intelligence enjoy doing activities such as camping, etc.
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  • Interpersonal Intelligence
    it is common among people that are good at talking, working in teams, helping others, mediating conflicts and meeting new people.
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  • Intrapersonal Intelligence
    These people like to work independently, set goals and focus on achieving them, understand their feelings and know their strengths and weaknesses.
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  • Bodily-kinesthetic Intelligence
    It is the ability to use the whole body in the expression of ideas and feelings. People who are good at dancing, acting, imitating gestures, playing sports.
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  • Musical Intelligence
    This type translates into a great ability to sing, listen to music, play instruments, compose songs, enjoy concerts and follow different rhythms.
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