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Survival Skills
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    Being stranded in the wilderness may make for a good movie, but in reality, it's a harrowing experience. Would you be able to survive?

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    Teacher Chris
  • What is the number one thing you need to survive in the wilderness?

  • 15 points
  • Which water source is the cleanest? Spring, Lake or River?

  • 15 points
  • In general, where does the sun rise and set?
    It rises in the east and sets in the west.

  • 15 points
  • a structure that provides privacy and protection from danger
    a shelter

  • 15 points
  • The killing of wild animals and fish as well as the gathering of fruits, roots, nuts, and other plans for sustenance.

  • 15 points
  • To collect and harvest food and resources
    to gather

  • 15 points
  • A temporary shelter for camping.

  • 10 points
  • A long, thick piece of material made from thinner pieces of material, used for tying

  • 15 points
  • Small wooden sticks used to make fire

  • 5 points
  • A set of tools that you use for a simple medical treatment that is given as soon as possible.
    First Aid Kit

  • 10 points
  • A tool used to find which direction is North.

  • 10 points
  • A tool used for chopping wood.

  • 10 points
  • Items needed to survive: water, food, air, space, light, shelter.

  • 20 points
  • Something used to provide warmth
    A Blanket

  • 10 points
  • A battery operated device to provide light

  • 5 points
  • A small pocket blade that also contains other tools.
    Pen Knife

  • 15 points
  • Not enough water in your body

  • 25 points
  • Too cold for your body

  • 25 points