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Greg Crawford
Language School Owner
A classroom hit
"We hit gold when we discovered Baamboozle! Our students absolutely love it as the format is extremely engaging, fun and interactive. Our teachers love it because it facilitates real learning and is super easy to use."
Nieves Maria
English, Arts & Crafts Teacher
Our favorite
"I was looking for a ready-to-use platform to create educational games for my young pupils. Baamboozle was the answer! We can check what we've learnt in an easy and engaging way."
Jason Levine
Fluency MC
BAAM for life!
"I can't count the number of times my students have showed up to class exhausted only to be instantly revived by fierce Baamboozle competitions to practice grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation!"
Cristina Cabal
EOI English Teacher
So easy
"As a teacher, I love the potential it has for language learning, its versatility to teach, revise and reinforce various language skills and also how easy it is to create a game."

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Ronan Casey

Welcome to Baamboozle!

The platform I wish existed when I was a teacher.

The one I had to teach myself how to code to bring to life.

The one more than a million teachers now call home.

A place where they make the most fun teaching games on the planet!

You're gonna love it 😉


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