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What is it?
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  • What animal is it?
    It's a giraffe.
  • What is it?
    It's a bath
  • The KTX is a _____.
    It's a train.
  • This can also be found at the playground.
    It's a slide.
  • What is this?
    It is a wave.
  • What color is it?
    It is red.
  • We can see this in the night sky.
    It is the moon.
  • What makes the trees blow?
    It is wind.
  • What color is it?
    It is blue.
  • You can find this at playground.
    It's a swing.
  • This gives us light.
    It's the sun.
  • What is he?
    He's a clown.
  • This helps plants grow.
    It's rain.
  • You sleep on this.
    It's a bed.
  • We drive in this.
    It is a car.
  • The sun is one of these.
    It is a star.