Book 3 (2nd half) Ultimate Review

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  • A computer without an Internet connection isn't very useful nowadays. True or False?
  • Complete: If I won the lottery, I ____ travel around the world.
  • Complete: If it's sunny tomorrow, I ____ go to the beach.
  • Passengers like rough flights. True or False?
  • Complete: I don't know ____ I will go to a restaurant or watch a movie on the weekend.
  • So/Neither: I study English.
    So do I.
  • Complete: Your parents bought that house, ____?
    didn't they
  • So/Neither: I can't speak Chinese.
    Neither can I.
  • Complete: I went to bed early because I was tired/tiring.
  • Complete: You didn't finish the project, ____?
    did you
  • Complete: This lesson _____ (finish) at 8:00 p.m.
  • Short answers: Can you drive a car?
    Yes, I can. / No, I can't.
  • Complete with Future Continuous: We _____ (take) a test at this time next Monday.
    will be taking
  • People avoid problems with expensive petrol when they use public transport. True or False?
  • Complete: I used to ____ when I was a child.
    watch cartoons
  • Complete: ____ you ever ____ (be) abroad?
    Have you ever been abroad?
  • Complete: I have been _____ for ____
    I have been teaching English for 12 years.
  • Complete: I will take the test ____ I have a serious problem on Monday.
  • Complete: "I have a headache." "You had better..."
    take an aspirin.
  • To who/whom am I talking?
  • Complete: The girl is sick, ___?
    isn't she
  • Short answers: Have you worked a lot this week?
    Yes, I have. / No, I haven't.
  • Complete: John has a brother, ____?
    doesn't he
  • Meat tastes good if you burn it. True or False?