The Detective Game

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  • warm, flower, picnic, snow
    SNOW (spring season)
  • cafeteria, gym, science room, classroom, police officer
    POLICE OFFICER (school)
  • cry, angry, excited, happy, sad
    CRY (feelings)
  • get up, brush my teeth, wash my face, go on vacation, have lunch
    GO ON VACATION (daily routine)
  • cough, cut, headache, runny nose, exercise
    EXERCISE (health problems)
  • bear, cub, kitten, chick, calf
    BEAR (baby animals)
  • hot, pumpkin, vacation, beach
    PUMPKIN (summer season)
  • orange, apple, banana, chocolate, peach
    CHOCOLATE (fruits and vegetables)
  • clam, dolphin, jellyfish, lion, seahorse
    LION (sea animals)
  • the Arctic, the Pacific, Europe, the Indian, the Atlantic
    EUROPE (oceans)
  • grandfather, uncle, teacher, brother, cousin
    TEACHER (family members)
  • nose, arms, gloves, hands, feet
    GLOVES (body parts)
  • cloudy, winter, cold, hot, sunny
    WINTER (weather)
  • harvest, cold, snow, snowman
    HARVEST (winter season)
  • art, computer, history, music, laptop
    LAPTOP (school subjects)
  • book, classroom, glue, tape, pencil
    CLASSROOM (school things)
  • Mercury, Saturn, Moon, Neptune, Mars
    MOON (planets)
  • big, small, weak, strong, fast
    FAST (opposite words)
  • dark, pink, purple, green, blue
    DARK (colors)
  • cool, leaves, harvest, beach
    BEACH (fall season)
  • boots, gloves, hat, hair, jeans
    HAIR (clothes)
  • clap, sad, climb, fly, hop
    SAD (action words/verbs)
  • Europe, Asia, Canada, Africa, Australia,
    CANADA (continents)
  • bee, beetle, puppy, butterfly, cricket
    PUPPY (bugs/insects)