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  • a large shop that is divided into several parts, each part selling a different type of goods
    department store/ supermarket
  • a shop that sells materials for writing and for using in an office, for example paper, pens and envelopes
    stationery shop/ stationer’s
  • a shop that sells clothes
    clothes store/ shop/ boutique
  • a small shop that sells food, newspapers, etc., especially one near people’s houses
    corner shop
  • a place where you can buy stamps, send letters, etc.
    post office
  • a shop where you can have your eyes examined and buy glasses
  • a shop that sells fish
    fishmonger’s/ fish store
  • a shop that sells houses and land for people
    estate agent's/ estate agency
  • a shop that sells meat
  • a shop that sells medicines and usually also soap, make-up, etc.
    chemist’s/ drugstore/ pharmacy
  • a shop that sells different electrical supplies and devices
    electrical store
  • a shop that sells jewellery and watches
    jeweller's/ a jewellery shop
  • A shop that sells tools, paint, and other equipment needed for DIY.
    DIY store
  • ​a place that sells plants, seeds, garden equipment, etc.
    garden centre
  • a shop that sells fruit and vegetables
  • a shop that sells sheet music, musical instruments, etc.
    music shop
  • a place where you can get your hair cut, washed and shaped
  • a shop that sells bread and cakes
    baker's/ bakery
  • a shop that sells clothes and other goods given by people to raise money for a charity
    charity shop/ thrift shop
  • a shop that sells newspapers, magazines, sweets, etc.
    newsagent’s/ paper shop