Halloween Trivia Ty

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  • What was the adjective used to decribe Jack in the Jack o Lantern story?
  • What movie is this?
  • In what country is Halloween known as the "Festival of Hungry Ghosts"?
  • What Mexican holiday is known as a time to remember family and friends?
    Day of the Dead
  • In which country did Halloween originate?
  • When the Romans conquered the Celtics, they introduced the Pomona holiday. What fruit symbolized the holiday, and what current Halloween tradition did it lead to?
    apples, bobbing for apples
  • What vegetable was originally used for carving jack-o-lanterns?
  • What is the name of the Skelton King in the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?
  • In which country is Dracula's Transylvania home located?
  • People put their knives away in this country on Halloween, because they don't want to risk hurting "returning spirits". Germany, Japan, France
  • What was the name of the original Celtic festival from which Halloween was born? Samhoon, Samhane, Samhain
  • Which is NOT a Halloween Cereal? Ghostly Grape, Boo Berry, Count Chocula
    Ghostly Grape
  • What movie is this?
  • What animal is often banned from adoptions during the month of October and especially on Halloween?
    Black Cats
  • What three colors are candy corn made out of?
    Yellow, Orange, and White
  • What does the term "hallow" mean in relation to Halloween?
    A saint or holy person
  • What movie is this?
    Monster House
  • What day is Nevada Day?
    October 31st