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Irregular Verbs

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  • We [spend] some money.
    We spent some money
  • I [have] a vacation.
    I had a vacation.
  • Diana [take] a dance class.
    Diana took a dance class.
  • He [sleep] in the garden.
    He slept in the garden
  • They [see] a movie.
    They saw a movie.
  • I [sit] on a mountain.
    I sat on a montain.
  • They [go] camping.
    They went camping.
  • Tim [ride] a bike.
    Tim rode a bike.
  • She [read] a book.
    She read a book.
  • I [wake] up on the sofa.
    I woke up on the sofa
  • Lisa [run] around the park.
    Lisa ran around the park.
  • I [write] a letter.
    I wrote a letter
  • She [win] the race.
    She won the race
  • I [make] a new friend.
    I made a new friend.