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Cengage Time Zones 3 Review (Units 1-3)
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  • Who's your mom?
    She's the one wearing the pink blouse.
  • You can't take ____________ in a museum.
  • This is a challenging job that lets you go to space.
  • Who's your grandma?
    She's the one wearing the brown T-shirt.
  • This is a fun job that lets you work with animals.
  • Someone who doesn't like social interactions.
  • Someone who doesn't like waiting around.
  • Someone who doesn't like to work hard.
  • What would you like to be someday?
    I'd like to be a firefighter.
  • Who is your dad?
    He is the one wearing a green T-shirt.
  • This is a difficult job that lets you help people who are sick.
  • You __________ walk on the grass at this park.
    can't / aren't allowed to.
  • You _______________ to feed the animals in a zoo.
    aren't allowed
  • Who's your grandpa?
    He's the one wearing the blue shirt.
  • __________ you __________ be quiet in the museum?
    Do / have to
  • Wendy wants a job that ____________ work with animals.
    lets her
  • What do you want to be someday?
    I want to be a dentist.
  • Teaching is a job that _______________ be creative.
    lets you
  • You ___________ play loud music in the library.
    can't / aren't allowed to
  • Laura is the one _________ likes animals.
  • I would like a job __________ pays well.
  • You ___________ to speak Portuguese in class.
    aren't allowed
  • This is a challenging job that lets you travel a lot. They fly an airplane.
  • You __________ turn off your phone at the movie theater.
    have to
  • What are you like?
  • You __________ speak English in class.
    have to
  • Someone who always tells jokes and makes people laugh.
  • What do you want to be someday?
    I want to be a singer.
  • Someone who talks a lot.
    Chatty / Talkative
  • In this job, you spend a lot of time in a kitchen.
  • Someone who doesn't talk a lot.
  • Who's your brother?
    He's the one wearing the orange polo shirt.
  • Someone who is there for you when you need it.
    Dependable / Reliable
  • I want a job that is (fun / funny).