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  • We travel to the sea on this vehicle.
    A (cruise) ship.
  • How do firefighters get to the fire?
    They drive a fire engine.
  • How did she go to school yesterday?
    She rode her bike.
  • How did he get to the library?
    He rode a scooter.
  • How do police officers go to work?
    They drive a police car.
  • Astronauts travel to space in this vehicle.
    A space shuttle.
  • What do pilots do?
    They fly airplanes.
  • How did you get to the hotel last night?
    We caught a taxi.
  • You must wear a life jacket when you are on this vehicle.
    A boat.
  • What is it?
    A helicopter.
  • How does she go to the museum?
    She takes the train.
  • You can go underwater in this vehicle.
    A submarine.
  • How did they go to the amusement park?
    They rode the ferry.
  • Soldiers drive this vehicle on a battlefield.
    A tank.
  • What did he do this afternoon?
    He drove a/his car to the airport.
  • What did you do this morning?
    I rode the school bus to school.
  • How did you get to the aquarium?
    We drove a van.
  • How do we get to the zoo this morning?
    We fly a hot air balloon.
  • ... is a long narrow boat that is used in Venice.
    A gondola.
  • Doctors use this vehicle to transport patients to hospitals.
    An ambulance.
  • Farmers drive this vehicle on the farm.
    A tractor.
  • How does he go to work every day?
    He takes the subway.
  • You must wear a helmet when you ride this vehicle.
    A motorbike.
  • People use this vehicle to transport large goods.
    A truck / A lorry.