P6 Places We Live - Final Revision

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  • The Mekong River flows through _________ Asian countries. (a) 7 (b) 6 (c) 5 (d) 8
    (b) 6
  • The earliest civilisation along the Mekong River is known to exist in __________ AD.
  • The WWF reports more than three new species discovered every month. What does the WWF stand for?
    World Wildlife Fund
  • ___________ of SEA is made up for tropical rainforest. (a) 30% (b) 60% (c) 15% (d) 40%
    (b) 60%
  • The Mekong River flows out to the _________________.
    South China Sea
  • By ____________, much of Jakarta will have sunk beneath the ocean. (a) 2030 (b) 2040 (c) 2050 (d) 2060
    (c) 2050
  • Which of these countries are on the Ring of Fire? (a) Japan & New Zealand (b) Indonesia & Malaysia (c) Singapore & California
    (a) Japan & New Zealand
  • When the tectonic plates of the earth collide, they cause an ________________.
  • The start of the Mekong River can be found in _____________.
  • What human development is threatening the Mekong River's flow downstream?
    Building of dams
  • Jakarta is sinking because of _____________. (a) rapid urbanisation (b) Tsunamis (c) Hurricanes (d) flooding
    (a) rapid urbanisation
  • What is the main reason why people insist on living near volcanoes?
    The land is fertile.
  • The Mekong River is about ___________ km long. (a) 6000 (b) 5000 (c) 600 (d) 500
    (b) 5000
  • The Chinese call the Mekong River ____________ River or 'Lancang Jiang'.
  • SEA has the _____________ largest tropical rainforest. (a) second (b) third (c) fourth (d) fifth
    (b) third
  • Name two crops that are grown by people living near volcanoes.
    rice / soya beans / peanuts
  • House of the Akha Tribe are usually built on _________________. (a) water (b) mountains (c) trees (d) hillsides
    (d) hillsides
  • Tonle Sap, which is part of the Mekong River, can be found in which country?
  • Where is Merapi? (Country)