Crazy Game

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  • Pretend that you didn't know how to write your test
    So hard...
  • Find something red
    You got it!
  • Dance happily!
    So happy
  • Hug somebody
    Awww...So warm
  • Blink for 10 seconds!
    Not very hard right?
  • Find something blue
  • Find something with stripes
    Good job!
  • Pretend that you won 1,000,000,000 dollars.
    I want that much money!
  • Pretend to cry sadly
    Don't be sad...:)
  • Tell your mom "I love you"
    I love you too!
  • Wiggle your arms.
    Well done.
  • Howl like a wolf.
    Good one wolf!
  • Tell the funniest joke you know
    It's funny!
  • find something with more than three colors
    That's a lot of colors!
  • Say something nice about someone
    How sweet you are.
  • turn around in 5 circles
    dizzy daisy...
  • Find something that starts with the first letter of your name
    That's hard!
  • Tell something about yourself
    I'm a girl, that's one.
  • Find something with dots
  • Find something that is older than you
    Wow, that's so old!
  • Wiggle your body.
    wiggle wiggle...
  • Tell me the shortest story you can in 5 seconds
    That's very short!
  • Find something green.
  • Name three names you can think of.
    Good names!
  • Find something that you like a lot.
    show us!
  • Touch your head, shoulders. kn___ and ____.
    knees and toes!
  • Sing a song that you know
    Twinkle twinkle little star...
  • Tell me five things that you see in five seceonds.
    Good job!