To Do List - Irregular Verbs

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  • ride a bike
    rode a bike
  • tell Maya about English lesson
    told Maya about English lesson
  • feel happy
    felt happy
  • forget her name
    forgot her name
  • go to the swimming pool
    went to the swimming pool
  • wear new jeans
    wore new jeans
  • find the lost sock
    found the lost sock....yayyyyyy
  • eat lunch
    ate lunch
  • buy milk and bread
    bought milk and bread
  • read a good book
    read a good book
  • take a walk
    took a walk
  • make cheese sandwiches
    made cheese sandwiches
  • meet mom at 2 o'clock
    met mom at 2 o'clock
  • do homework
    did homework
  • run to the pharmacy
    ran to the pharmacy
  • sit down
    sat down
  • write a letter to Maya
    wrote a letter to Maya
  • catch up on reading
    caught up on reading
  • sleep until noon
    slept until noon