Simple Present or Past Simple

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  • When you visit a friend, he asks: a) Did you want a drink? b) Do you want a drink?
  • What do you do every day?
    I take a show every day.
  • On a foggy day you: a) don't drive fast b) didn't drive fast
  • Can we watch the show? a) No, it finishes 20 minutes ago. b) No, it finished 20 minutes ago.
  • In 2006: a) you were in high school b) you are in high school
  • What do you often eat for breakfast?
    I often eat bread for breakfast.
  • Who is your best friend?
    My best friend is my sister.
  • On Sundays: a) I liked to walking on the beach b) I like walking on the beach
  • When it is rainy you: a) watch films on TV b) watched films on TV
  • Who did you talk to three hours ago?
    I talked to my boss three hours ago.
  • What was your nickname when you were at school?
    My nickname was ... when I was at school.
  • Did you talk to Sarah yesterday? a) Yes, I called her. b) Yes, I call her.
  • On Monday morning, we ask: a) How was your weekend? b) How is your weekend?
  • Can we visit Jack? a) No, he travels last night. b) No, he travelled last night.
  • What did you do last night?
    I listened to music last night.
  • Do you often cook dinner? a) Yes, I cooked dinner every night. b) Yes, I cook dinner every night.