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Simple present3
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  • She doesn't brush her teeth.(?)
    Does she brush her teeth?
  • He doesn't play football very often.(+)
    He plays football very often.
  • My mother enjoys cooking.(-)
    My mother doesn't enjoy cooking.
  • She wakes up early.(?)
    Does she wake up early?
  • He doesn't have dinner.(+)
    He has dinner.
  • I listen to music. (-)
    I don't listen to music.
  • He likes doing homework.(-)
    He doesn't like doing homework.
  • He doesn't wash his hands well.(+)
    He washes his hands well.
  • He doesn't run every day.(+)
    He runs every day.
  • He sleeps late.(-)
    He doesn't sleep late.
  • Oya skips rope in the park.(?)
    Does Oya skip rope in the park?
  • They don't wash hands. (+)
    They wash hands.
  • He works hard.(?)
    Does he work hard?
  • He has breakfast early at home.(-)
    He doesn't have breakfast early at home.
  • Do you swim?(+)
    Yes, I do.
  • Mrs. Jackson speaks three languages.(-)
    Mrs. Jackson doesn't speak three languages.
  • Alice combs her hair.(?)
    Does Alice comb her hair?
  • My brother reads books before bed.(-)
    My brother doesn't read books before bed.
  • I don't ride a bicycle.(+)
    I ride a bicycle.