Winter activities

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  • What can you get from this hole in the ice?
    Fish (and cold water)
  • What fun activity is going on here?
    Downhill sledding with friends.
  • What animal is in this snow sculpture?
    A panda bear called Lumi (snow in Finnish)
  • What is this popular Finnish hobby called?
    Ice fishing
  • What song is playing in the background?
    Rainbow hymn
  • How many people fit into one sled?
    Three, at least. Go ahead and try!
  • What are they playing?
    Hide and seek
  • What are these made of?
  • What is this?
    Skiing track
  • Does this look like fun?
    Yes, for sure!
  • What are we doing?
    Cooking on open fire/barbecuing
  • Where do Finns go cross-country skiing?
    In many different places: you can find skii tracks in the forest, on the ice...
  • What do Finnish school kids love to do in wintertime?
    Go ice skating with their friends!
  • What is this called?
    A kick sled, have you tried it?
  • What are these called?