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Units 5-6 Revision

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  • What's Nazar doing?
    He's playing the bandjo.
  • Can Nazar play the bandjo?
    Yes, he can.
  • What's Lera doing?
    She's reading.
  • What's Sonia doing?
    She's drawing.
  • Зупинись! Не йди!
    Stop! Don't go!
  • Давай потанцюємо! - Вибач, я не вмію.
    Let's dance! - Sorry, I can't.
  • What's Lana doing?
    She's swimming.
  • What's Mariana doing?
    She's standing.
  • What is Vova doing?
    He is watching a video.
  • Не стрибай! Я сплю!
    Don't jump! I am sleeping.
  • What is Illia doing?
    He is playing computer games.
  • What's Yeva doing?
    She's reading.
  • What is Gleb doing?
    He is cooking.