Where are they?

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  • Where is the ladle?
    The ladle is above the pan.
  • Where is the basket?
    Basket is between the plant and the armchair.
  • Where is the pan?
    The pan is on the cupboard.
  • Where is Felix?
    Felix is under the blanket.
  • Where is Felix?
    Felix is under the grapes.
  • Where are the curtains?
    Curtains are in front of the window.
  • Where is Felix?
    Felix is next to the tree.
  • Where is the carpet?
    Carpet is under the chair.
  • Where is the remote control?
    The remote control is on the table.
  • Where is Emma?
    Emma is between the picture and the wardrobe.
  • Where are the flowers?
    Flowers are in the vase.
  • Where are the sweets?
    The sweets are in the jar.
  • Where is Henry?
    Henry is in front of the bookshelf.
  • Where are the rabbits?
    Rabbits are nex to the river.
  • Where is pillow?
    Pillow is behind the jack.
  • Where is Felix?
    Felix is behind the chair.
  • Where are the grapes?
    Grapes are above the Felix.