GUESS WHAT IT IS !!! KID'S BOX 4 vocabulary rev ...

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  • You put cereal, soup or salad in this It is round and usually made of glass or ceramic.
    a bowl
  • You make rhythm with this set of instruments by using your hand or sticks to hit them.
  • You tie this around the top of your trousers (pants) or jeans. It is made of leather.
    A belt
  • You use this to eat spaghetti.
    a fork
  • A part of your body which is associated with LOVE.
  • This animal is like a very small crocodile, without the teeth! It is not dangerous, and you can see it in your garden in summer.
    a lizard
  • This person washes and cuts or styles your hair professionally.
    a hairdresser
  • This device is connected to a computer and there are letters and numbers on it. You use this for writing.
  • VERB: to let something fall (to the ground)
    to drop
  • This persons sells cakes and pastries in a shop.
    A baker
  • This animal is very big, strong and dangerous. It eats fish and seals. It lives in the North and loves the snow.
    A polar bear
  • You use these to chew your food (or chew gum). They are white.
  • You can put a drink in this glass or plastic container.
    a bottle
  • These turn red and orange in autumn and they fall off trees.
    Leaves (singular: leaf)
  • This is a syrup or pill you take when you are sick.
  • You use this to protect yourself from the rain (or the snow).
    an umbrella
  • A very small, long, thin animal that lives under the ground. Birds like to eat them!
    the worm
  • This is a digital form of communication you write on a computer or tablet or Ipad.
    an email
  • This wild grey animal is like a big dog, but it can be dangerous when it is hungry.
    a wolf
  • An animal which is like a dog, but smaller. It has red fur and a long bushy tail.
    a fox
  • This small boat moves fast when it catches the wind.
    A sailboat
  • This is how you feel when you do not drink anything for many hours.
  • This animal is similar to a horse but it is smaller and usually light grey or brown. It can carry people.
    a donkey
  • This person delivers letters, packages and parcels to your mailbox.
    A postman
  • This very small black insect can't fly but it walks/runs very fast. Normally this insect is with many others of its kind.
    an ant
  • A very large number of trees all close together.
    a forest
  • This person serves food and drink in a restaurant.
    a waiter / a waitress
  • If you look at this, you can see a reflection of yourself.
    a mirror
  • Something very small; it weighs nothing and normally you can't see it. But it can destroy your computer!
    a virus
  • Everyone who has a mobile phone needs one of these when the battery is low.
    a charger
  • This person can fly into space in a rocket and land on the moon.
    An astronaut
  • Another word for ADULT. A person who is not a child.
    a grown-up
  • You put this white or blue cream on a little brush to clean your teeth.
  • You wear this pretty "chain" around your neck. It is usually made of gold or silver.
    A necklace.
  • You can borrow books from this place.
    A library
  • This small black animal can fly - but it's NOT a bird and you can only see it by night.
    a bat
  • This long, thin animal can't walk, but moves quickly on the ground. If it bites you, it can be fatal
    a snake
  • This sweet, healthy drink is made by squeezing or pressing fruits.
    (orange) juice
  • This is attached to every car seat, and you wear it around you when you are travelling.
    a seatbelt
  • People often put a bird, or hamster or mouse into this 'house' made of metal bars.
    a cage
  • You put this on your bed, especially in winter, to keep warm at night.
    a blanket
  • You use this after a shower or bath, or after swimming, to dry yourself.
    a towel
  • This person presents news or weather on television or the newspapers.
  • It is very small, and made of metal. It's used to open doors. What is it?
    a key
  • There are normally four of these in every room. You can put paintings or a clock on it.
    a wall
  • You wear these in front of your eyes to see better, to see more clearly.
    Glasses / spectacles
  • This is something colorful which you can fly on a windy day. It is a kind of toy.
    A kite
  • This is something you find in nature. It is very very hard. It comes in all sizes and is usually brown or grey in colour.
  • This describes the hair that men have on their face, above the mouth.
    a moustache
  • This person cuts meat into pieces and sells it in a special shop.
    a butcher
  • This is something that girls or women wear, with a blouse or shirt. It can be long or short.
    a skirt
  • This person's job is to cut the grass and look after the plants, flowers and trees.
    A gardener
  • You have this when you put music and words together to make a melody.
    a song
  • This person grows fruits and vegetables in a big field, and also looks after sheep and cows.
    A farmer
  • You can see the Statue of Liberty in this city.
    New York
  • You need this if your pencil is blunt (it doesn't write).
    A sharpener
  • The world's largest animal lives in the ocean. The female normally has one, sometimes two babies.
    the whale
  • This adjective describes something that is not at all interesting for you.
  • You wear this around your neck in winter to keep warm.
    a scarf