Facts about Clothes

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  • The famous Lacoste crocodile symbol was the first designer logo ever.
  • Around two thousand T-shirts are sold every single year.
    False! Two billion!
  • Clothes can take up to 4 years to decompose.
    False! 40!
  • Women were only allowed to wear shorts in public after World War II.
  • Chinese people wear white at funerals.
  • Princess Diana was the first person to wear a white wedding dress.
    False! Queen Victoria!
  • The first shopping mall to sell clothes was built in Argentina.
    False! Rome!
  • During the Renaissance period, it was fashionable to shave off the eyebrows.
  • Historically, purple clothes were only worn by very important people.
  • The USA used to have actual fashion police who would go around measuring the miniskirt length of women.
    False! South Korea!
  • Up until around 1910, it was common for little boys to wear dresses until they were around 5 or 6.
  • The bikini was once declared a sin by the Vatican.