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  • yesterday
    the day before
  • “I can help you tomorrow” She said _____________
    could help/ the next day
  • last week/year etc.
    the previous week/year etc
  • 1. “He works in a bank” She said ________________________________
  • “I don’t like chocolate” She told me _____________
    didn't like
  • tomorrow
    the next day/the following day
  • next week/year etc.
    the following week/year etc
  • “Do you live in London?” She asked me _____________
    whether I lived
  • the day before yesterday
    two days before
  • “ I’d never been there before” She said _________
    had never seen there some time ago
  • “He hasn’t eaten breakfast” She told me _________________
    hadn't eaten
  • “When does the train leave?”, I asked.
    when the train left
  • “How did you get to school?”, she asked.
    how I had gotten/got
  • “Do you like coffee?” She asked me ___________
    if/whether I liked
  • “Why did you take my wallet?”, he asked.
    why I had taken
  • “I’m coming!” She said ____
    was coming
  • “You should go to bed early” She told me ________________
    should have gone
  • “I didn’t go to the party” She told me ___________
    hadn't gone
  • 'Sit down! the teacher said.
    to sit down
  • “How often do you go to the cinema?” She asked me _________________
    I went to
  • “Did you do your homework?” She asked me _______________
    whether I had done
  • today
    that day
  • “Did he arrive on time?” She asked me ___________
    whether he had arrived
  • Where will you live after graduation?” She asked me____________
    where I would live
  • “We went out last night” She told me ________________________
    had gone the night before
  • “Lucy’ll come later” She said ---------------------
    would come
  • "Don't smoke!'' the doctor said.
    not to smoke
  • “How was the journey?” She asked me ____________
    how the journey had been
  • “I was waiting for the bus when he arrived” She told me _____________________
    had been waiting/ had arrived
  • the day after tomorrow
    in two day’s time
  • “What were you doing when I saw you?” She asked me ________
    what I had been doing when he had seen me
  • “Do you live near your father?”, he asked.
    if/whether I lived
  • “What are you going to do at the weekend?” She asked me ____________
    what I was going to/would