Reading Ace 1

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  • What is one of Detroit's serious problems?
    No jobs, air not clean, many empty places
  • What does the Nike sensor record?
    How fast you run, how far you run, how long you run.
  • What excerises can you use sensors for?
    Swimming, running, walking, etc...
  • Name 4 fruits
    apples, bananas, grapes, melons
  • When trying to find someone. What information do you need?
    You need to know what they look like (person's information)
  • Who did the boy think the stranger was in "Surprise!"?
    He thought it was his friend Sarah.
  • What website can you put your records on?
    You can put them on
  • What city is using farms to save it?
  • What do they want to grow in Detroit's empty spaces?
    Fruites and vegetables
  • What month is your teacher's birthday in?
  • What is a stranger?
    It is someone that you do not know.
  • Describe what your best friend looks like.
    Body type, hair style, hair colour, eye colour
  • Where do you put the Nike sensor?
    You put it in your left shoe.
  • Name 4 vegetables
    carrots, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes
  • What is the new technology that Nike is using called?
    It is called Nike+
  • What can save Detroit?
    Farms can.