Reading Explorer Foundations

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  • What was Joel Sartore's first job?
    His first job was for a newspaper
  • What will happen if you try to become a photographer to make money?
    You won't really be happy.
  • How many people died when the Titanic sank?
    More than 1500 people (1514)
  • How long did it take the Carpathia to get to the Titanic?
    It took 3 hours.
  • Why do people like trawl fishing?
    They can bring in a lot of fish at a time.
  • Where did the Andrea Doria and Stockholm crash into each other?
    In the North Atlantic Ocean
  • What did Robert Ballard use to reach the Titanic?
    He used a small submarine (robot or swimming eyeball)
  • What is the sand filled with along The Skeleton Coast?
    It is filled with diamonds.
  • What was the name of the British ship that came to help the Titanic?
    The Carpathia
  • What was the Titanic's nickname?
    "Ship of Dreams"
  • How much would the silver that the S.S. Gairsoppa was carrying be worth today?
    It would be worth $75 million.
  • What kinds of things had people taken away from the Titanic?
    Items like clothes, dishes, and shoes. Also, parts of the ship.
  • In what year did the Titanic sink?
    In 1912
  • What was the S.S. Gairsoppa carrying from India?
    It was carrying tea, iron, and silver.
  • What was the main reason that most people died when the Titanic sank?
    There weren't enough life boats
  • What animals do Canine Assistants use to help people?
    The use dogs
  • Where is The Skeleton Coast located?
    Africa (Southern)
  • Why is it more difficult to work as a photographer today?
    Technology makes it very easy for anyone to take good pictures.
  • When was the first photo ever taken?
    In 1826
  • When was the first colour photo taken?
    In 1861
  • Why is trawl fishing bad for the ocean?
    The nets scrape the ocean floor and hurt a lot of plants and animals.
  • Why was it difficult to find information about the lost ship from Portugal?
    Many maps and books about the ships were lost in a fire.
  • What is Joel Sartore's main advice for becoming a photographer?
    Work hard.
  • What kind of coins was the Bom Jesus carrying?
    The coins were spanish.
  • How many years did it take explorers to find the Titanic?
    It took 73 years.
  • How do you get a job at National Geographic?
    You need to give them something they don't already have. (A special talent)