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Grammar: Present Simple or Continuous
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  • Sorry, we ________ (not understand) what you are saying, could you explain it again, please?
    don't understand
  • No. The train __________ (not stop) at Killarney on Saturdays.
    doesn't stop
  • We have ordered a new sofa. They ________ (deliver) it next Monday.
    are delivering
  • ____ you ____ (watch) this programme or can I turn the TV off?
    Are you watching
  • Did you make this cake? It ______ (smell) great.
  • Mary ________ (not want) to go home right now.
    doesn't want
  • My mother ________ (take) part in ice-skating competitions almost every weekend. She is a professional.
  • John ________ (visit) his parents twice a week.
  • What ___ we ____ (have) for dinner tonight?
    are we having
  • We need an umbrella because it ________ (rain) outside.
    is raining
  • We __________ (not eat) junk food these days as we are both on a diet.
    aren't eating
  • I'm afraid Shara can't answer the phone, she ________ (get) ready for school.
    is getting
  • I ________ (study) English to get a promotion, unfortunately, I ________ (not learn) languages easily.
    am studying / don't learn
  • You ___________ (always / come) up with excuses for not doing your homework. It is so annoying!
    are always coming up with
  • I ________ (use) my brother's laptop until I get a new one.
    am using
  • What ____ Mario _____ (wear)? A read t-shirt and jeans.
    is Mario wearing
  • I'm exhausted. My feet ________ (kill) me and my toes ________ (bleed).
    are killing / are bleeding
  • I ________ (think) I should stop working right now. I'm really getting tired.
  • Dad ________ (belong) to the local astrology club.