Motivate 2 Unit 2 Feelings YE1

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  • feeling frightened
    What is SCARED?
  • when something has happened that you did not expect
    What is SURPRISED?
  • thinking about problems that might happen
    What is WORRIED?
  • feeling you get when something unfair, painful, or bad happens
    What is ANGRY?
  • too much work or problems to deal with
    What is STRESSED?
  • in need of rest or sleep
    What is TIRED?
  • showing, feeling, or causing unhappiness or regret
    What is SAD?
  • worried or slightly frightened
    What is NERVOUS?
  • not interesting or because you have nothing to do
    What is BORED?
  • feeling ashamed or shy
    What is EMBARRASED?
  • unhappy or angry because someone has something you want
    What is JEALOUS?
  • very happy and enthusiastic
    What is EXCITED?
  • happy or satisfied
    What is PLEASED?