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Superlative adverbs
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  • well
    the best
  • Alice comes to the classroom (late).
    the latest
  • In his family, Bob jumps (high).
    the highest
  • Peter studied (hard) of all the rest students.
    the hardest
  • In PE lessons Lucy runs (slowly) of all.
    the slowliest
  • She greeted me (politely) of all.
    the most politely
  • high
    the highest
  • badly
    the worst
  • Josh eats (healthily) among all in my company.
    the most healthily
  • DD wakes up (early).
    the earliest
  • far
    the furthest
  • He speaks (quietly) in that room.
    the most quietly
  • Yoyo sings (beautifully) out of all in her family.
    the most beautifully
  • Erica cooks (well).
    the best
  • Of all the students in the class, Happy laughs (loudly).
    the most loudly
  • It is (easily) for children to learn different languages.
    the most easily