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When did?
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  • read
  • fall
  • When did you make the sandwich? (in the morning)
    I did the sandwich in the morning.
  • swim
  • sing
  • When did you cut the grass? (a week ago)
    I cut the grass a week ago.
  • When did you do your homework? (an hour ago)
    I did my homework an hour ago.
  • write
  • When did you go to the shop? (2 days ago)
    I went to the shop 2 days ago.
  • When did you watch TV? (the whole day yesterday)
    I watched TV the whole day yesterday
  • When did you come home yesterday? (9 o'clock in the evening)
    I came home at 9 o'clock in the evening yesterday.
  • wake up
    woke up