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Henry and Mudge - Funny Lunch
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  • Does dad want to make something juicy or juice?
  • What does mom give dad?
    A kiss.
  • What is dad's idea for next year?
    A french fry cat
  • What is this?
    An apple father.
  • Does dad want to make something crunch or crunchy?
  • What is this?
    A plum boy
  • What are the children doing with Mudge?
    Shaking his hand.
  • What is this?
    A kiwi dog
  • What is this?
    A peach mother.
  • What is he sniffing?
    The fishy flakes
  • What is the baby giving Mudge?
    The baby is giving his sucker/lolly pop
  • What did they make before?
    A tomato snowman.
  • Who is the other man?
    It is the grocery store owner, dad's cousin.
  • Why does no-one want to touch the ball?
    Mudge drools on it.
  • What is he sniffing?
    Cocoa Chews
  • What game are they playing?
    They are playing kickball.
  • Does Mudge like grocery shopping?
    Yes, because everyone loves him.
  • What did Henry remember?
    It was Mother's Day.
  • What is Mudge doing?
    Wagging his tail.
  • What is dad doing here?
    Making a grocery list.
  • What are the old ladies doing?
    Rubbing his head.
  • hat did Henry say to mom?
    "Happy Mother's day!"
  • What is dad's idea?
    A pineapple sofa.
  • Does dad want to make something to lie down on or stretch out on?
    Stretch out on.
  • What did they make before?
    A sweet potato shoe.
  • What did they use to make the sofa?
    Marshmallow and pineapple.