Teacher Joshua

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  • Who is teacher Joshua's favorite character in Avatar?
    It is Uncle Iroh.
  • Guess how tall Tr. Joshua's younger brother is.
    He is 196 centimeters tall.
  • Can Tr. Joshua climb a wall that is 3.5 meters tall?
    Yes, he can.
  • What is Tr. Joshua's favorite color?
    It is midnight blue.
  • How old was Tr. Joshua when he started working for money?
    4 years old.
  • Does Tr. Joshua have a girlfriend?
    No, he doesn't.
  • Where is Tr. Joshua's father from?
    His father is from America.
  • How many continents has Tr. Joshua traveled to?
    He has traveled to 4 different continents.
  • Where is Tr. Joshua's mother from?
    She is from Taiwan.
  • Is Tr. Joshua Taiwanese?
    Yes, he is.
  • How much does Tr. Joshua weigh?
    He weighs 75 kilograms.
  • Does Tr. Joshua like to eat spicy food?
  • Is Tr. Joshua American?
    Yes, he is.
  • Where was Tr. Joshua born?
    He was born in Taiwan.
  • What do you think Tr. Joshua likes to do?
    ? ? ?