Bremen Town Musicians

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  • What is this animal?
    It is a Dog.
  • When an animal wants to catch another animal.
  • Why was the cat sad?
    It was sad because it could not catch mice anymore.
  • When you think something is real, even though you know it is not real.
  • Why was the rooster feeling down?
    He was feeling down because he could not sing anymore.
  • Who did the cat think was inside the house?
    The cat thought that there were robbers inside the house.
  • Why was the dog feeling sad?
    He was feeling sad because he could not hunt anymore.
  • What are these animals?
    They are mice!
  • When you go somewhere else.
  • What is it called when we are not playing?
  • When something tastes very good!
    It is yummy.
  • What should we do to a broken thing, or trash?
    Get rid of it! Or fix it.
  • What is this animal?
    It is a chicken/rooster.
  • What did the four animals want to do?
    They wanted to become musicians and move to Bremen.
  • Who told the donkey he was useless?
    The donkey's old owner told him he was useless.
  • This word means somebody has something.
  • What is this animal?
    It is a donkey.
  • Is this thing useful or useless?
  • When you are sad, you are________.
    Feeling down.
  • A person who can play music.
    A musician.
  • Who likes to steal things?
    Robbers like to steal things.
  • What is this animal?
    It is a cat.