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How Does This Make You Feel?

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When you see these apartments, what's your first feeling?
Where do you think this photo was taken?
Is this good advertising?
Do you think you could find where you needed to go?
How do delivery drivers find the right house?
Would you like to live in a neighborhood like this?
Even though you are sitting up straight, would you still feel tilted?
Would you want this couch in your home?
Do you think this picture frame is practical?
Why would or wouldn't you put it in your home?
Would you sit on this chair?
Does it make you happy or sad to think of this chair in your home?
At first it looks like a street, but look closer...
Do you see that the road is on top of buildings?
What do you see first? A window reflection or a giant phone screen with different apps?
Do you see something different?
Do you think people get dogs that look like them?
Have you ever met someone who has a dog that looks like them?
Think of your light switch at home, is it boring?
If you could buy fun light switches, would you?
First impression of these stairs
Do you think they are easy to walk down?
If you could buy this living room set, would you?
Do you think it would be comfortable?
What came first? The broken fence that someone fixed into a face or an artist who made the fence into a face?
Have you ever seen street art like this?
Have you ever tried to balance things on your body?
Try to balance a book on your head right now and see how long you can do it for.
How do they know which cable is which?
Do you think this is safe?
If you were walking down the street, would you be curious as to what's behind the wall?
What do you think is behind it?
When you see this road, how do you feel?
Could you drive on it?
How would you feel working here everyday?
What could you do to make it better?
What kind of food would you put in here?
Do you have a food that you always eat when you feel sad?
Who do you think buys this bread more, males or females?
Would you buy these rolls just because of the clever advertising?
When you see this, what is the first thing you think of?
Can you think of other foods that make you think of something right away? Ex: popcorn = movies
Could you work if your space looked like this?
Does this picture make you feel stressed?
Does this picture make you hungry?
Have you found a cloud before that looked like something?