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Every day or now?

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My mum .. (feed) our dog in the evening.
... you (take) the rubbish out every day?
Do you take
... she (load) the dishwasher now?
Is she loading
... you (go) shopping now?
Are you going
Look! Maria ... (make) a sandwich.
is making
We ... (set) the table now.
are setting
Jack ... (feed) the dog in the kitchen now.
is feeding
She ... ( not take) the dog for a walk today.
isn't taking
... they (vacuum) the floor at the moment?
Are they vacuuming
... he (make) the bed now?
Is he making
.... he (cook) well?
Does he cook
We ... (not usually watch) DVDs in the evening
don't usually watch
Marta ... (not go) shopping every day
doesn't go
We ... (live) on the first floor
Jane ... (not speak) French
doesn't speak
... they (play) basketball?
Do they play..
He... (like) apples