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If ____ (I/you), I _____ (go) to the doctor.
If I were you, I would go to the doctor.
If the dress _____ (not fit), you _____(not buy) it.
If the dress doesn't fit, you won't buy it.
I _____ (cook) a nice dinner, if I _____ a cook (be)
I would cook, if I were a cook.
It _________________(be) nice if the rain ____________________(stop)!
would be/stopped
I _____________ (lend) you my umbrella if you _____________ (need) it.
will lend/need
If Julie __________________ (like) chocolate, I __________________ (give) her some.
liked/would give
If we __________________ (not be) so tired, we __________________ (go) out.
If Lucy __________________ (not quit) her job soon, she __________________ (go) crazy.
doesn't quit/ will go
 If I __________________ (want) a new car, I __________________ (buy) one.
wanted/would buy
If the children __________________ (not eat) soon, they __________________ (be) grumpy.
do not eat/will be
If Lucy __________________ (have) enough time, she __________________ (travel) more.
had.....would travel
If the teacher __________________ (give) us lots of homework this weekend, I __________________ (not be) happy.
gives/won't be
If she __________________ (not go) to the meeting, I __________________ (not go) either.
doesn't go/won't go
If she __________________ (have) her laptop with her, she __________________ (email) me.
had/would email
If we __________________ (not / work) harder, we __________________ (not pass) the exam
don't work/won't pass