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1. The shape 2. A famous person (musician, singer, movie star).
1. to become weak or sleepy 2. to lose interest or become bored 3. a rubber covering that fits around the rim of a wheel
1. a design that is stamped 2. to close tightly 3. a fish-eating sea mammal
1. stone/pebble 2. move back and forth 3. type of music
1. outer edge of circle 2. jewelry worn on finger 3. enclosed area for sports or circus 4. to circle 5 a sound
1. engage in fun activity 2. story written to be acted out 3. an action in a game 4. to make music 5.
1. a tame animal people keep in their homes as a companion 2. to pat or stroke
1. small metal spike that is usually driven into wood with a hammer 2. a hard growth at the end of a finger or toe
1. not soft 2. difficult 3. strong effort
1. to move through the air with wings 2. to operate an airplane or other flying instrument 3. move quickly 4. an insect
1. according to rules 2. no favors for either side 3. lovely 4. from rain or storms 5. average 6. light skin tone 7. entertainment with rides/stalls/exhibits
1. small amount 2. part of a drill used to make holes 3. past tense of the word bite
1. the club of wood or metal used to hit a ball 2. a small mammal that flies, with small body and wings covered with skin
1. the harsh sound made by a dog 2. the outside cover of the trunks, branches, and roots of woody plants