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Yes, I do. I have a dog and a fish.
Do you have any pets?
No, I don't like bread.
Do you like bread?
Yes, I like dogs.
Do you like dogs?
No, I don't like eggplants.
Do you like eggplants?
Yes, I like apples.
Do you like apples?
My favorite subject is P.E.
What's your favorite subject?
My favorite drink is orange juice.
What's your favorite drink?
My favorite food is pizza.
What's your favorite food?
My favorite fruit it bananas.
What's your favorite fruit?
I live in Tokyo.
Where do you live?
I like purple.
What's your favorite color?
I go to Sherman Oaks Elementary School.
What school do you go to?
I'm in the second grade.
What grade are you in?
My favorite animal is panda.
What's your favorite animal?
It's cloudy.
How's the weather?
I'm 9 years old.
How old are you?
My name is Chako.
What's your name?