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Can and Can't

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Can they say "Hello"?
Yes, they can.
Can she walk?
Yes, she can.
Can he play football?
No, he can't.
Can they dance?
Yes, they can.
Can she sing?
No, she can't.
Can she climb?
Yes, she can.
Can you do this?
Yes, I can dive. No, I can't dive.
Can a pig fly?
No, it can't
"Can we sing?"
"No, you can't sing!"
Can they swim?
Yes, they can swim.
Can he swim?
Yes, he can.
Can he paint.
No, he can't
Can it run?
No, it can't.
Can he run?
Yes, he can.
Can it fly?
Yes, it can.
Can he bend?
Yes, he can.
Can he fly?
No, he can't fly.