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Mercury, Saturn, Moon, Neptune, Mars
MOON (planets)
the Arctic, the Pacific, Europe, the Indian, the Atlantic
EUROPE (oceans)
Europe, Asia, Canada, Africa, Australia,
CANADA (continents)
harvest, cold, snow, snowman
HARVEST (winter season)
cool, leaves, harvest, beach
BEACH (fall season)
hot, pumpkin, vacation, beach
PUMPKIN (summer season)
warm, flower, picnic, snow
SNOW (spring season)
bee, beetle, puppy, butterfly, cricket
PUPPY (bugs/insects)
cloudy, winter, cold, hot, sunny
WINTER (weather)
cough, cut, headache, runny nose, exercise
EXERCISE (health problems)
book, classroom, glue, tape, pencil
CLASSROOM (school things)
art, computer, history, music, laptop
LAPTOP (school subjects)
cafeteria, gym, science room, classroom, police officer
boots, gloves, hat, hair, jeans
HAIR (clothes)
cry, angry, excited, happy, sad
CRY (feelings)
clap, sad, climb, fly, hop
SAD (action words/verbs)
get up, brush my teeth, wash my face, go on vacation, have lunch
GO ON VACATION (daily routine)
grandfather, uncle, teacher, brother, cousin
TEACHER (family members)
big, small, weak, strong, fast
FAST (opposite words)
bear, cub, kitten, chick, calf
BEAR (baby animals)
clam, dolphin, jellyfish, lion, seahorse
LION (sea animals)
nose, arms, gloves, hands, feet
GLOVES (body parts)
dark, pink, purple, green, blue
DARK (colors)
orange, apple, banana, chocolate, peach
CHOCOLATE (fruits and vegetables)