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____ you ____ (eat) German food?
Do you eat German food? No, I don't eat German food.
____ your best friend ____ (like) pizza?
Does your best friend like pizza? Yes, he/she likes pizza. / No, he/she doesn't like pizza.
_____ you _____ (drink) a lot of juice?
Do you drink a lot of juice? Yes, I drink a lot of juice. / No, I don't drink a lot of juice.
____ you ____ (eat) Chinese food?
Do you eat Chinese food? Yes, I eat Chinese food. / No, I do'nt eat Chinese food.
____ a hamburger ____ (smell) nice?
Does a hamburger smell nice? Yes, a hamburger smells nice.
___ coffee ____ (smell) nice?
Does coffee smell nice? Yes, coffee smells nice. / No, coffee doesn't smell nice.
____ your mother ____ (prefer) coffee with or without sugar?
Does your mother prefer coffee with or without sugar? My mother prefers ....
____ the teacher ____ (drink) Coke?
Does the teacher drink Coke? No, the teacher doesn't drink Coke.
_____ you ____ (eat) a lot of popcorn?
Do you eat a lot of popcorn? Yes, I eat a lot of popcorn. / No, I don't eat a lot of popcorn.
____ your best friend ____ (eat) bread with butter?
Does your best friend eat bread with butter? Yes, he/she eats bread with butter. / No, he/she doesn't eat bread with butter.
____ your mother ____ (sing) songs in English?
Does your mother sing songs in English? Yes, she sings songs in English. / No, she doesn't sing songs in English.
_____ you ____ (prefer) black coffee or white coffee?
Do you prefer black coffee or white coffee? I prefer ...
_____ you ____ (like) hot tea?
Do you like hot tea? Yes, I like hot tea. / No, I don't like hot tea.
____ the teacher ____ (like) cold spaghetti?
Does the teacher like cold spaghetti? No, she doesn't like cold spaghetti.
___ your best friend ___ (like) sushi?
Does your best friend like sushi? Yes, he/she likes sushi. / No, he/she doesn't like sushi.
____ you ____ (like) brown bread?
Do you like brown bread? Yes, I like brown bread. / No, I don't like brown bread.
____ your mother ____ (like) hot dogs?
Does your mother like hot dogs? Yes, she likes hot dogs. / No, she doesn't like hot dogs.
___ you ____ (like) hamburgers?
Do you like hamburgers? Yes, I like hamburgers. / No, I don't like hamburgers.