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Christmas Fun

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Where is Santa Claus?
Santa Claus is behind the Christmas tree.
Where is the reindeer?
The reindeer is in the car.
How many presents are there?
There are seven presents.
Say two sentences about the picture. Use `There is/There are´
There are three trees. There is one house.
Say three sentences about the picture.
There are two people. There is one tree. It is snowing.
Say two sentences about the picture. Use 'There is/There are'
There are four snowmen. There are two trees. There is one bird. There is one candy cane.
How many stockings are on the Christmas tree?
There are two stockings on the tree.
What colour are the elf's shoes?
How many presents are there?
Where are the presents?
Under the Christmas tree
Can you spell his name?
What are these?
Christmas stockings
What colour are Santa's boots?
What are they?
What's this?
an angel
What colour is the snowman's nose?
What's this?
a snowman
What do reindeer like to eat?
Who makes the toys for Santa?
What is on the top of the Christmas tree?
a star
Which reindeer has a red nose?
How many reindeer does Santa have?
What date is Christmas Day?
25th December
What colour is Santa's beard?