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I still go to the gym every day. By the end of the year, I ______ (exercise) for almost 3 years.
will have been exercising
You should come over at 5pm. By then, I ______ (complete) my essay and we can go out.
will have completed
Next year my parents ______ (be) married for 30 years.
will have been
My cousin has been fired again. If he goes on like that, he ______ (change) jobs at least five times by the end of the year.
will have changed
She has just called and said that she would be here at 10 pm. By the time she gets here, we ______ (wait) for her for two hours.
will have been waiting
By the time we get there tonight, we ______ (drive) for more than 6 hours. We are going to be exhausted.
will have driven
Do you think they _____ (finish) cleaning the office by the time we get back from lunch?
will have finished
Karina _______ (teach) us for 10 weeks by the end of this month.
will have been teaching
I moved to Santos in 2012. I ______ (live) in this city for 10 years by the end of next year.
will have been living
I started teaching in 2010. Next year, I _____ (be) a teacher for 12 years.
will have been