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Turkey Day Trivia

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True or False: Wild turkeys sleep in trees.
True or False: Turkeys do not fly.
False. Some wild turkeys have been known to fly 55 mph in short bursts.
What is a female turkey called?
True or False: Only female turkeys make the "gobble" sound.
False. Only males.
What is traditionally sprinkled on top of the green bean casserole on Thanksgiving?
 Fried onions
 French fries
What meat did the native Americans bring to the first Thanksgiving?
 Deer / Venison
Which state raises the most turkeys?
Who is the guest of honor that appears at the end of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade?
 Santa Claus
 The U.S. President
 A turkey
Which president proclaimed that Thanksgiving should be an annual holiday?
 Abraham Lincoln
 George Washington
 John F. Kennedy
How long did the first Thanksgiving last?
 3 days
 1 day
 7 days
What year was the first Thanksgiving?
Was turkey served at the first Thanksgiving?
What two NFL teams always play on Thanksgiving?
 Dallas Cowboys
 Los Angeles Raider
 New York Giants
In what city is the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Day parade?
New York City
What show is this scene from?