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The core is the...
 The outer layer
The mantle is the...
 Middle layer
 Inner layer
The crust is the...
 Outer layer
 Inner layer
How many layer does the Earth have?
3 layers
How many continents are there?
There are 7 continents
What is the name of the Earth layer that protects the Earth?
Can you sing the Months of the year song?
How many months are there?
There are 12
What are the days of the week?
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
How many days are there?
There are 7 days of the week
The moon takes ____ days to move around the Earth
How many days does revolution take?
365 days
What are the seasons?
Spring, summer, autumn and winter
What does revolution take?
 The seasons
 The day and night
The movement that the Earth do around the Sun is called...
How many time does a rotation take?
 24 hours
 365 days
What does rotation cause?
 The day and night
 The seasons
The movement that the Earth do around its axis is called...
How many movements does the Earth do?
Two movements
Is the Moon a planet? What is it?
No, it's a satellite
The planets move around the Sun
The Sun is the centre of the Solar System
The Earth is a...
Is the Sun a planet?
No, it's a star
What is this?
It's a satellite
What is this?
It's a star
How many planets are in the Solar System?
8 planets