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She ___to drink coffee after 6:00. (affirmative / like)
She likes to drink coffee after six.
My brother ____ naps during the day. (negative / take)
My mother doesn't take naps during the day.
I ______ electronics at bedtime. (negative / use)
I don't use electronics at bedtime
Does he ___ tea in the morning? (drink / drinks)
Does he drink tea in the morning?
___ she ___ TV in the bedroom? (Do / does + watch)
Does she watch TV in the bedroom?
___ he ___ in the morning? (Do / does + exercise)
Does he exercise in the morning?
What ___ you do ___ Friday evenings? (Fill in the blanks)
What do you do on Friday evenings?
What time is it? (2:00)
It's two o'clock.
What time is it? (9:05)
It's nine oh five.
What time is it? (11:30)
It's eleven thirty.
I watch TV ___ the evening. (in, on, at)
I watch TV in the evening.
My father never works ___ Sundays. (in, on, at)
My father never works on Sundays.
My English classes start ____ 4:30 ____ Tuesdays and Thursdays. (in, on, at)
My English classes start at 4:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.