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Halloween Guessing Game

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A witch rides on a ...........
What can have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 eyes or more and begins with 'M'?
a monster
A witch wears a pointed.....
What month is Halloween in?
Who has pointed teeth and begins with 'V'?
a vampire
On Halloween children go from house to house collecting.....
At halloween you say: "Trick or .......?'
A spooky place is a haunted .......
a haunted house
Who has a body made of bones?
a skeleton
What is in the sky at night and begins with 'M'?
the moon
What sleeps upside down and flies?
a bat
What is a witches favourite pet?
a cat
What is orange and begins with 'P'?
a pumpkin
Who rides on a broomstick?
a witch
What says 'Boo!'?
a ghost
What animal has 8 legs?
a spider